How can I register for CGM OxyCity?

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How can I register for CGM OxyCity?

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1.Open the patient platform

2.Click in the CGM OxyCity homepage in the upper right-hand corner on Sign-in.

3.The Sign-in window appears.  



4.Click on the link register next to No account? at the bottom of the Sign In window.

5.The registration window appears.


6.Complete at least all the mandatory fields, marked with an asterisk *.

_img2You must enter your national social security number!

7.Follow the instructions on the registration screen when entering your user name and password.

_img2Your password must contain at least 8 characters, including at least 1 number and at least 1 punctuation mark.  

8.Click on the blue link Privacy statement to read more about the processing of your personal data via CGM OxyCity (the data that are processed, for which purpose and how long they are stored).

9.Click on the blue link conditions to view and to read them carefully.

10.Check the option to accept the privacy statement and the conditions and to confirm that you are older than 16 years or that you are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

11. Click on the right lower button Send.

12.A message appears to confirm your registration.


13.Click at the bottom on the OK button.

14.Click on the link in the mail sent to your email address to complete your registration.

_img2If you did not receive the confirmation mail, check your messages in the spam folder.

_img2You can always delete your user account afterwards, if you so wish. See How can I delete my CGM OxyCity account?