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CGM OxyCity profile page

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Click on the arrow in the right-hand side upper corner, next to the name of the CGM OxyCity user, and select

My data to view your User account;

Privacy statement for more information about the processing of your personal data and a description of the data that are processed, for which purpose and how long they will be stored;

Cookies for more information about our cookies policy and the use of cookies, pixel tags and Google remarketing;

Info to send a general or technical question per email to the OxyCity team or to read the online manual;

Sign out to view the search function Find a healthcare provider;

Delete account to delete your CGM OxyCity account. See How can I delete my CGM OxyCity account?


The option Delete account was foreseen according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the right to be forgotten of the person concerned. If you delete your CGM OxyCity account, then the connexion that ensures that all your information on CGM OxyCity is shared with us, will be broken. All data that you entered yourself in CGM OxyCity, will be deleted, such as parameters that you entered yourself, messages, ...

But in case of parameter values for which you have decided to share them with your healthcare provider, these parameter values will not be deleted at the healthcare provider's side.

See How can I indicate which registrations for which parameters should be visible for my connected healthcare provider?

Data from healthcare providers that concern you (such as invoices, your confirmed appointments, ...) and that are shown on your CGM OxyCity profile page, will also not be deleted at the healthcare provider's side.



Click on the icon in the right hand-side upper corner to set the visibility or the order of the widgets on your profile page.

See How can I set the visibility of the widgets on my profile page? and How can I set the visibility of the widgets on my profile page?


We describe below the following functions:  

the widget User data

the widget Healthcare providers

the widget Appointments

the widget Invoices

the widget Messages

the widget Exercise programs

the Parameter-widgets