How do I register a parameter value?

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How do I register a parameter value?

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1.Sign in to CGM OxyCity. See Signing in.

2. Display the widget of the parameter for which you want to register a value. See How do I view the parameters for which I want to register my values?


3.Click at the bottom of a parameter-widget on the bar and move it to the left or the right to register a lower of higher value.

4.By clicking on the minus sign or the plus sign you respectively decrement or increment the value by 1 number.

5.After you selected the correct value, click on the green button Add.

6.A message appears to confirm that the value was successfully registered.



To register a value for the parameters BMI or BMR, you should only click on the Add button because the value is automatically calculated according to the body weight, the body height and the gender.