Compliance with GDPR

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Compliance with GDPR

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CGM OxyCity offers CGM OxyCity users the possibility to assert their rights in relation with data protection.

CGM OxyCity integrates a Privacy statement and a Cookies policy. In this manual, you also find a description of the different personal data categories processed by CGM OxyCity.


1.Rights of the individual

Right to be forgotten:

CGM OxyCity allows an OxyCity user to delete his or her data.

You find more info in How can I delete my CGM OxyCity account?

Right to data portability:

CGM OxyCity users have the right to access personal and health data (parameter values) of their medical file and to transmit them to another healthcare professional. For purposes of access to data and data transmission, those data can be exported to Excel via CGM OxCity.

You find more info in How can I export my personal data and appointments and parameter values that I registered myself to Excel and print them?


2.Privacy statement and cookies

The Privacy statement mentions which personal data we collect about you as a CGM OxyCity user via CGM OxyCity, for which purpose and the storage period of those data. Under Cookies you can find more information on our cookies policy and the use of cookies, pixel tags and Google-remarketing.

You find more info in How does CGM OxyCity respect the personal data protection?

_img2Wen registering on CGM OxyCity and making appointments with healthcare providers on CGM OxyCity, you should accept this privacy statement.


You find more info in How can I register for CGM OxyCity? and How to make an appointment?


3.Data categories in CGM OxyCity

This part describes the different personal data categories that are processed via CGM OxyCity.

You find more info in Data categories in CGM OxyCity.