What is CGM OxyCity?

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What is CGM OxyCity?

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CGM OxyCity is a website for patients available via https://oxycity.be/en.

By using this patient platform, patients can find a healthcare provider per discipline by performing a search based on name and place.  

Through the search results, the patient can view the web page of the healthcare provider with the contact data and eventually make an appointment or send a message to the healthcare provider.

See How do I make an appointment with a new healthcare provider through CGM OxyCity? and How do I send a message to a healthcare provider through CGM OxyCity?

If the patient has created a CGM OxyCity account and if he or she is connected, it is possible to view directly the summary of the made appointments with the healthcare provider, to cancel an appointment, to receive appointment messages from healthcare providers, to follow-up on payments and to modify personal data.